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Ensuring Functional Safety

The I/O module acts as a device and is used in combination with, and controlled by a controller electronic control unit and communicates via the standardized CANopen protocol, parameterized according to CiA DS 401. It is also compliant to the European Standard EN 50325-5 for CANopenSafety and is developed in accordance with the international standard EN ISO 13849 on functional safety, performance level (PL) d.

One or more I/O modules can be used in addition to the controller control unit in a modular way. This distributed architecture makes the design and assembly of different vehicle variants possible and more cost and time effective. In addition cabling is simplified and more economic. Another key advantage is, that it is possible to set up a distributed system where I/O modules (TTC 48XS) take over safety relevant functions.

Key Benefits

  • EN ISO 13849 (PL d)
  • Easy integration and usage
  • CANopenSafety compliant
  • Additional watchdog CPU
  • Automotive style housing suited for rough operating conditions
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