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Key Benefits

Adapt the Web Portal to Your Needs

Define and select the data you wish to monitor directly in the portal. This configuration is transmitted to the TTConnect Wave gateway installed on the machine so that it only monitors the selected parameters.

The web portal offers intuitive dashboards and widgets that can be customized, allowing for a fast understanding of any live parameters of the vehicle. User accounts with custom dedicated access rights can be created through the web portal. You can also adapt the portal to your Corporate Identity using your brand colors and logos.

The solution allows for fast reaction to any kind of machinery issue thanks to alarm triggers and alerts that can be transmitted from the TTConnect Cloud Service platform to a mobile device via SMS or E-Mail.

Accessible From Anywhere, At Any Time

The web portal is accessible from the office, from home or on the road with any web-enabled device and can be customized to your specific needs.

TTConnect Web Portal Screen 2
TTConnect Web Portal Screen 1

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